With so many mortgage products available at any given time, it can be challenging to find the one that is best for you. Because of the size of the loan, and the fact that your individual requirements and ambitions differ from everybody else’s, it is important that you seek the help of a mortgage advisor when locating a product that is right for you. This is where JP Financial comes in.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of mortgages means that we are perfectly positioned to provide tailored advice on what may well be the biggest financial transaction of your life.

Many people will have you believe that the best mortgage is the one with the lowest interest rate, but with so many different variables and options on the market, this does not always ring true. A mortgage is more than just an interest rate and by having whole market access, we can look at thousands of products from hundreds of different financial institutions (including your own bank) to recommend you a mortgage that is right, not only for the present, but the future too.

JP Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, which gives you assurances that our advice is reputable, and use the confidence to provide you with all the help you need.

As an experienced mortgage brokerage we also understand that the mortgage market expands beyond the first time buyer, which is why we have extended our services to offer fully comprehensive support for all of our customers. Just as we specialise in mortgages, we also focus on remortgages, secured loans, debt consolidation, right to buy, and buy to let mortgages – helping you find the right product, whatever your situation.

So, whether you’re looking to get on to the property ladder for the first time or are a landlord looking to expand a portfolio, if its mortgage advice you need, contact our team today – we’re confident we can help.

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