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If you are a homeowner in the UK you may be eligible to take out a homeowner loan. Secured loans are loans that are secured against your property, they can be used for home improvements, buying a new car, debt consolidation. In fact you can use a second charge mortgage for any legal purpose.

With secured homeowner loans you can enjoy increased borrowing power depending on the level of equity in your home, as well as longer repayment periods, which can help to keep your repayments to a minimum.

Bad credit secured loans

Even if you have credit problems, CCJ’s or consider yourself to be “black listed” we can still help you at some very competitive rates. Bad credit homeowner loans are available for people with a CCJ, defaults on credit cards or catalogues.

Unlike a personal loan which is unsecured, the amounts of money that can be borrowed for the secured option vary between £1,000 and up to £75,000.

Unlike some personal loans the repayment period can be spread over a longer time period which can vary typically between five and twenty five years, therefore reducing the monthly amount payable.

This is especially helpful to those homeowners who are seeking an affordable loan for consolidation of their debts.

Self Cert Secured Loans

Self cert homeowner loans are available for the employed and self employed, loans available for people who cannot prove all of their income by the way of payslips.

If you have income from various sources, have irregular bonuses, work in a mainly cash trade, then contact us as we will be able to help with arranging self certification loans for homeowners.

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